George Boya | Terranus the Saviour of Humanity
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Terranus the Saviour of Humanity


Little is known about who he was, some say artist others a scientist or philosopher, the fact was that Terranus was one of the last bright lights in the long dark night of the Final World War. His plan not only saved mankind but evolved them and gave them a purpose and place in universe. Nowadays in the year 197 ATA ( After Terranus Ascension ) humanity colonized all the planets of the solar system witnessed the death of stars and the beginning of life,created monuments of immense size and beauty, harnessed the power of sun and stars to create unlimited energy and even achieved first contact with intelligent alien life forms.


Seeing that humanity is finally one the right track, Terranus decides that its time to set his last example for mankind to witness. As he was the first to come he will also be the first to leave and close the circle of his new life.


Without ceremonies, followers, hoards of Cyberangels and grand fleets of Anthropomorphic Frigates he set out for his final journey to O…


Analogue Collage


70 x 50 cm


Rise of Homo Mechanicus

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