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It was the dawn of the 3rd millennium and the end of the final world war.Earth was now a dead planet and the mighty empires of Man laid in ruins.Only a fraction of mankind survived, scattered around the globe, a shadow of life fading away…


Hope came from the man later be known as Terranus who for told the grave danger and set in motion the ultimate plan to rescue mankind.During the war he gathered a group of scientists, technicians, programmers, historians, theologists and under his guidance devised the next step of human evolution.Homo Mechanicus would be the new Man, an anthropomorphic machine capable of hosting human intellect for eternity. Terranus knew that humanity would not accept this solution with much enthusiasm, for most them flesh defined their nature instead of their intellect and way of thinking.They wont give up their flesh so easily and there was no time to learn new values.


To support his plan and to guaranty its swift and total success Terranus revived the long dead christian religion, a dogma of pain suffering sacrifice but also rebirth suited his pupose. For the new tech religion man was destined for greater things, free from his weak flesh would walk among the stars to unlock the mysteries of the universe, build everlasting monuments, teach new races and eventually discover O, the center of Grand Spiral and birthplace of Everything. O was the new god of Terranus religion and himself its prophet and first son.


His was the first whose consciousness was uploaded to the iron body and the grand ceremony was transmitted around the globe for all humanity to witness the event of death and rebirth. His new body lifted high carried by two cyber angels and the choir chanted ” behold the new man of steel”.He spoke and called humanity to fulfill its destiny,to leave behind its flesh and sins of past and rise with him to the stars.After that Terranus quickly dispatched his new Apostles to find what was left of humanity and start the transition.


And so the story begins…


“You are don’t have a Soul
You are a Soul
You have a body”
C.S. Louis


Rise of Homo Mechanicus

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