George Boya | Aurelius the Grand Inventor
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Aurelius the Grand Inventor


The technological advancement during the final world war was tremendous but mainly in the field of war.Among others was a cybernetics program to create the perfect soldier,an advanced robotic body controlled from a far distance by a human mind.This was succeeded by uploading a part of the human conscious inside the machine for a limited time. This program was developed by a brilliant scientist named Aurelius but didn’t came in action because in those dark times the life of the human trooper coasted far less thanthe creation of a robotic soldier.


With that knowledge terranus approached aurellius and together found the means to manufacture a number of robotic bodies to experiment with. Their goal was to stabilise the human conscious the soul as terranus said, inside the machine for unlimited time.


Aurelius became the father of all Homo Mechanicus and one of the first Apostles of the new Tech Religion. He and his followers chose the Path of Creator and established their base on Uranus. They were responsible for the creation of many tech-miracles ever since as the Anthropomorphic Ships and the Multi Lens Vision.


70 x 50 cm


Analogue Collage


Rise of Homo Mechanicus

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